Past Congresses, Conferences and Symposia

Year Meeting(Reports are linked, where available) Location
2023 30th FAOBMB Conference Bangkok, Thailand
2022 29th FAOBMB Conference Shenzhen, China (fully on-line meeting)
2021 16th FAOBMB Congress Christchurch, New Zealand (fully on-line meeting)
2020 28th FAOBMB Conference Colombo, Sri Lanka (cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic)
2019 27th FAOBMB Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018 15th FAOBMB Congress Seoul, Korea (with 24th IUBMB Congress)
2017 26th FAOBMB Conference Kobe, Japan (with ConBio2017 Conference)
2016 25th FAOBMB Conference Manila, Philippines
2015 14th FAOBMB Congress Hyderabad, India
2014 24th FAOBMB Conference Taipei, Taiwan (with 15th IUBMB Conference)
2013 Special FAOBMB Symposium Singapore
2013 23rd FAOBMB Conference Dhaka, Bangladesh (cancelled; replaced by Special Symposium)
2012 13th FAOBMB Congress Bangkok, Thailand
2011 22nd FAOBMB Conference Singapore
2010 21st FAOBMB Conference Melbourne, Australia (with 12th IUBMB Conference)
2009 12th FAOBMB Congress Shanghai, China (with 21st IUBMB Congress)
2008 20th FAOBMB Symposium Taipei, China
2007 19th FAOBMB Symposium Seoul, Korea
2006 11th FAOBMB Congress Kyoto, Japan (with 20th IUBMB Congress)
2005 18th FAOBMB Symposium Lahore, Pakistan
2004 17th FAOBMB Symposium Bangkok, Thailand
2003 10th FAOBMB Congress Bangalore, India
2002 16th FAOBMB Symposium Taipei, China
2001 9th FAOBMB Congress Lahore, Pakistan (cancelled; no replacement meeting)
2000 15th FAOBMB Symposium Beijing, China
1999 14th FAOBMB Symposium Dunedin, New Zealand
1998 8th FAOBMB Congress Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1997 13th FAOBMB Symposium Manila, Philippines
1996 12th FAOBMB Symposium Tokushima, Japan
1995 7th FAOBMB Congress Sydney, Australia
1994 11th FAOBMB Symposium Bangkok, Thailand
1993 10th FAOB Symposium Taipei, China
1992 6th FAOB Congress Shanghai, China
1991 9th FAOB Symposium Hong Kong
1990 8th FAOB Symposium Dhaka, Bangladesh (deferred until June 1991)
1989 5th FAOB Congress Seoul, Korea
1988 7th FAOB Symposium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1987 6th FAOB Symposium Karachi, Pakistan
1986 4th FAOB Congress Singapore
1985 5th FAOB Symposium Hawaii, USA
1984 4th FAOB Symposium Manila, Philippines
1983 3rd FAOB Congress Bangkok, Thailand
1982 (No Meeting) (replaced by 12th IUB Congress in Perth, Australia)
1981 3rd FAOB Symposium Bali, Indonesia
1980 2nd FAOB Congress Bangalore, India
1979 2nd FAOB Symposium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1978 1st FAOB Symposium Singapore
1977 1st FAOB Congress Nagoya, Japan

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