FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships

FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships are awarded to contribute towards the registration, round trip travel and accommodation expenses of early career biochemists, molecular biologists and biochemistry / molecular biology educationists from the FAOBMB region, to attend and present a research paper or poster at an IUBMB or FAOBMB sponsored function (Congress, Conference, Symposium or Workshop) on education (or any other approved Education function or event consistent with the purposes of the scheme).

The specific objectives of the FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships Scheme are:

  • to improve research skills, innovative educational practice and collaboration on biochemistry and molecular biology education;
  • to enable the Fellowship recipient to gain a wider exposure to, and deeper appreciation of, research and scholarship in biochemistry and molecular biology education at an advanced international level.

For more details on the Criteria for the award of an FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowship please read the Guidelines at the link below.

Here is the link to the detailed Guidelines for the FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships, current for 2024.

Applicants must hold a PhD or Masters degree or equivalent and be within 15 years of completion of their postgraduate degree. Therefore, this Fellowship is, in general, not suitable for PhD students (the only exception being PhD candidates whose topic is educational research or scholarship in the disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology, in addition to their being actively engaged in teaching and learning programs at undergraduate or postgraduate levels).

Note that there are two types of FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships:

  • Generic Fellowships, for participation in a Congress, Conference, Symposium or Workshop that is not organised by FAOBMB as an annual FAOBMB Congress or Conference.
  • Congress-specific or Conference-specific Fellowships, for participation in a specified FAOBMB Congress or FAOBMB Conference

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for the receipt of applications for Generic Fellowships each year are:

1 April for travel in July – December of the same year

1 October for travel in January – June the following year

For Congress-specific or Conference-specific Fellowships, the deadline will be set each year in good time before the date on which the particular FAOBMB Congress or Conference will take place that year.

Application Forms

There is a designated Application Form for applying for a Generic Education Special Travel Fellowship for support to travel to an educational event that is not part of an FAOBMB Congress or FAOBMB Conference.

Here is the link to the Application Form for the Generic Education Special Travel Fellowships, current for 2024.

For 2024, there are Education Special Travel Fellowships available for participation in the 26th IUBMB-17th FAOBMB Congress to take place in Melbourne, Australia, during 22-26 September 2024.

Here is the link to the Application Form for these Melbourne Congress-specific Fellowships for September 2024

The Closing Date for the Melbourne Congress-specific applications is 30 April 2024

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