29th FAOBMB Conference, Shenzhen, China, 20-22 October 2022

The 29th FAOBMB & 2022 CSBMB Conference will be held virtually (based in China) during 20-22 October 2022 The Theme of the conference is:Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for Human Health The Conference coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the founding of FAOB in 1972. The Federation became known as FAOBMB in 1993 (see History of […]

30th FAOBMB Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 22-25 November 2023

The 30th FAOBMB Conference together with the 8th Conference of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Section, Science Society of Thailand (BMB Thailand), will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, during 22-25 November 2023. The Theme of the Conference is: “Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: In the New Normal Era” This Conference is co-organized by BMB Thailand and […]

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