Gender Equality in FAOBMB

(Approved by FAOBMB Executive Committee on 9 June 2015 and ratified by FAOBMB Council on 26 November 2015)

FAOBMB provides financial support for scientific conferences, workshops and awards in areas related to the Purposes of the Society as defined in the FAOBMB Rules. FAOBMB is committed to the promotion of gender equality in events that it sponsors, and the following guidelines provide information on the expectations of the Federation in this regard.

FAOBMB encourages organisers of congresses, conferences and other activities to make every attempt to achieve gender balance in all aspects of FAOBMB-sponsored events, in line with the gender balance in our research community. FAOBMB encourages event organisers to achieve this balance through strong female and male representation on organising committees, and as session chairs, as well as through invitations to high quality speakers and participants of both genders.

FAOBMB support for an event depends strongly on adequate gender balance according to the following guidelines.



Membership of conference/ workshop organising committees
At least 40% of the members should be female and at least 40% should be male.

Conference theme coordinators and symposium chairs
At least 40% of the theme coordinators and symposium chairs should be female and at least 40% should be male. In addition, opportunities should be provided for early/mid career researchers to be symposium chairs.

Invited plenary speakers
Conference organising program committee should develop an initial list ofpossible invited plenary speakers of whom at least 40% are female and 40% male. When speakers decline, they should be replaced with a speaker of the same gender if at all possible. The final percentage of speakers of each gender should be at least 30%.

Young Scientist Awards, Fellowships and events including Young Scientist Programs
FAOBMB supports emerging investigators through events for early career researchers (Young Scientists). Young Scientists are invited to attend special events associated with FAOBMB-sponsored meetings by the provision of Fellowships. Organisers should attempt to achieve gender balance in all aspects of these events, including the composition of the organising committee, the selection of presenters and the attendees themselves.

The terms of the Young Scientist Award stipulate that there is one award for females and one for males, on each occasion this award is made. FAOBMB encourages applications from suitably qualified female and male young scientists for the Young Scientist Award, as well as for Travel Fellowships and other fellowships awarded by FAOBMB.

Nominations for FAOBMB Awards
The FAOBMB offers three senior Awards, in Research Excellence, in Education and in Entrepreneurship. The FAOBMB encourages and works towards the nomination of suitable highly qualified female and male candidates for the FAOBMB Awards.


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