IUBMB Educational Activities

The IUBMB is involved in a broad range of educational matters. It organizes or sponsors workshops, usually where participants can discuss modern education and related topics. It also distributes biochemistry textbooks and review journals without charge to scientists and teachers in developing areas, and holds or sponsors symposia on education at regional biochemical meetings around the world. It also cooperates with the editors of Biochemical and Molecular Biology Education (BAMBED) in identifying timely topics for presentation at symposia and workshops.

More details can be found on the IUBMB website


Provides opportunities for the development of both biochemistry and molecular biology educational programs and educators. Guidelines and Application Forms are available on the IUBMB website.

NOTICE: Applicants to the Tang Education Fellowships should contact Janet Macaulay at janet.macaulay@monash.edu for an update on their applications.



For a report on the First IUBMB Education Conference held in Rehovot, Israel, in September 2017, please click here.

For a report on the Second IUBMB Education Conference held in Manila, Philippines, in November 2019, please click here.

Plans are in progress for the Third IUBMB Education Conference, to be held in 2021, organised in conjunction with the ASBMB (USA). The proposed topic is ‘Big Data Science to Unify Teaching and Research’.



Professor Janet Macaulay has provided the following useful links for educators in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which are on the webpage of the ASBMB (USA).

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