FAOBMB Education Committee

Education Committee for 2024

Assoc. Prof. Nirma Samarawickrema (Chair), Australia

Prof. Akira Kikuchi (Past-President), Committee, Japan

Assoc. Prof. Danaya Pakotiprapha (Organising Committee of the 30th FAOBMB Conference), Committee, Thailand

Prof. Tracey Kuit (Organising Committee of the 26th IUBMB-17th FAOBMB Congress), Committee, Australia

Dr. Kathryn Jones (Appointed by Education Chair), Committee, New Zealand


The work of the FAOBMB Education Committee is closely aligned with that of the IUBMB Committee on Education and Training, currently chaired by Prof. Yang Mooi LIM (Malaysia).

Details of the involvement of IUBMB in Education in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology can be found in the accompanying webpage, which includes reports on recent IUBMB Conferences on Education in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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