11.13.2013 – 23rd FAOBMB Conference in Dhaka has been cancelled


23rd FAOBMB Conference in Dhaka has been cancelled

As a result of the continuing civil disturbances and disruptions in Dhaka, Bangladesh, it has been regretfully decided to cancel the 23rd FAOBMB Conference scheduled to take place 17-19 December 2013. The Executive Committee of FAOBMB felt that in light of these adverse circumstances, there was no choice but to cancel this Conference, even at such short notice. The Executive Committee expresses its apologies to all those affected by this decision.

Colleagues in Singapore have agreed to organise, also at very short notice, a 2013 Special FAOBMB Symposium, to be held 16-17 December. This Symposium will include a small number of the elements of the Program that was scheduled for Dhaka, including the FAOBMB Award presentations, other research lectures and the Education Symposium. The Executive Committee of FAOBMB is very grateful to colleagues from the Singapore Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for working at such short notice to make the arrangements for the 2013 Special FAOBMB Symposium. Please address any enquiries about the 2013 Special FAOBMB Symposium to Dr Thilo Hagen, President of SSBMB, email: thilo_hagen@nuhs.edu.

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