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Founded in 1972, FAOBMB is a Federation of National Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Asian and Oceanian Region. The primary purpose of FAOBMB is to promote the science of biochemistry and molecular biology, including education, research and technological applications, worldwide and in particular in the Asian and Oceanian Region. More details on the regional role of FAOBMB and a profile of FAOBMB can be found here

Latest News

Winner of FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence 2017 July 26, 2017 - Winner of 2017 FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence: Professor Jamie Rossjohn (Australia) Prof. Jamie Rossjohn, FAA FLSW FMedSci Jamie Rossjohn is currently an Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Laureate Fellow (2017-2021). He was previously a National Health and Medical Research Council Australia Fellow (2011-2016) and ARC Federation Fellow (2007-11). He is the Head of the […]
Winner of FAOBMB Entrepreneurship Award 2017 July 26, 2017 - Winner of 2017 FAOBMB Entrepreneurship Award: Professor Masatoshi Hagiwara (Japan) Professor Masatoshi Hagiwara Successful scientific career Masatoshi Hagiwara was born in Mie prefecture, Japan and entered into Mie University School of Medicine in 1978. In his Ph.D. work, he uncovered the inhibitory mechanism of isoquinolinesulfonamide compounds on protein kinases. Based on that finding, he succeeded […]

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